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Metal Garage Doors

All About Us

Garage Doors Now is a Family owned and operated local Repair and New Installation company. Originally founded by David Yohn who has been a Business Owner in Manatee & Sarasota Counties for over 25 years now. David has two other very successful companies that are in the Payroll/Insurance industry and Construction Safety industry. Garage Doors Now was founded to provide the very best in Quality Service and Products to the families that live in and around the southwest coast of Florida.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with safe and secure garage doors that protect their families and their homes.

Core Values

Family Harmony

We will ensure that family harmony remains a priority in all decisions and actions made in the running of this company. When discourse is noticeable, we will meet, pray, and resolve any issues to get back to harmony so that we can serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Ownership Mindset

Buffalo culture is our mentality. We are personally accountable for our work. We look for ways to be proactive not re-active. We ask for constructive feedback. We offer solutions, not criticism or complaining.


Our personal appearance matters. Our vehicles cleanliness matters. We are on time for appointments, or we call. We treat each other and our customers with respect and kindness.


We don’t do shortcuts. We seek creative ways to solve our customers’ problems. We use technology to make our customers’ lives safer and easier.

Passion for helping Others

God owns everything we have. Our purpose is to use the assets he has entrusted us with to help others.

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